Noel Fitzpatrick

Noel Fitzpatrick is developed by truffle farming consultant, industry trainer and grower Noel Fitzpatrick. Noel is a passionate advocate for continual learning in the industry and developing greater efficiencies in truffle farming practice, for more profitable outcomes.

Noel was awarded an International Skills Fellowship in 2008, spending time in Europe, studying and learning all aspects of truffle production with growers and researchers. Noel continues to evaluate current research, collaborate with the international network, travel extensively and observe farming practices in different countries.

Noel is a founding member and the current President of the Australian Truffle Growers Association. He is a regular columnist on truffle growing for the Australian Tree Crop magazine and often presents at conferences, festivals and truffle dinners. Noel’s own farm in Victoria Australia is used for industry training and truffle tourism activities.

Noel’s everyday focus…

  • Further development of services to growers
  • Designing and establishing new farm projects for clients
  • Co-presenting regular grower’s forums and workshops
  • Managing his own truffle farm and education centre at Jumbunna, Victoria Australia

Noel’s consulting practice has several new farms currently under development, ranging from one to 100 acres.