Noel in the Media

Noel Fitzpatrick is often called on for interviews and commentary by Australia’s media.
We have compiled a series of published articles, research papers and videos for your convienience.

Website and Newspaper Articles.

Truffle Expert Digs Deep.

Published 2017, The Sydney Morning Herald

Australia is emerging as one of the top truffle producers in the world

Published 2020, The Land

Unearthing South Gippsland Truffles

Published 2018, Sentinel Times


In Conversation with Slow Food Farmers’ Market’s Noel Fitzpatrick 

Published 2017, Abbotsford Convent


Hunting for Truffles

Published 2016, Farmhouse Direct


A truffle grower and Japanese chef discuss the future of the fungus

Published 2014, ABC, audio only


Research Papers.


Video Content.

ISS Institute Fellow – Noel Fitzpatrick

Uploaded 2018, YouTube


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