What Are Truffles?

What are truffles? Truffles are the highly aromatic fruiting body, of a certain species of (ectomycorrhizal) fungus. They’re challenging to farm, considered expensive and spend their entire life-cycle underground. There’s

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Standard watering system for truffle trees

How To Grow Truffles

This article provides valuable insight into the steps involved in how to grow truffles. Growing truffles successfully is complex. The information provided is not intended as a concise guide to setting

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weed control after planting trees & truffle fungus

The Non-Negotiables of Truffle Growing

The general principles of truffle growing are universal. There will always be variables, depending on hemisphere, climate zone, soil type and elevation, however there are non-negotiable factors that apply to

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Noel Fitzpatrick & truffle dog in orchard

Truffle Pigs and Dogs

For centuries, pigs and truffles went hand in hand. Today they are used by very few farmers for hunting, but still create great delight, when featured in regional truffle festivals.

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cracked earth where truffle is crowning

Autumn Maintenance for Tuber melanosporum

Autumn maintenance for Tuber melanosporum, is important, particularly in terms of preparing for the new harvest season.  Irrigation When we reach the autumn months, our psyche naturally tells us to

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French Black Truffles

The Record Truffle Season

Summer Irrigation – A Key Factor The Australian 2017 French black truffle season, was by all accounts, extremely successful in terms of yield and quality. As an industry consultant, my

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French Black Truffle

Truffle Farm Bio Security

Post harvest season on a truffle farm is often a time of heightened activity, so bio security should be top of mind. What is bio security? Truffle farm bio security

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Small truffiere

How To Prune Young Truffle Trees

Updated Jan 2021 – Added the video below to showcase a detailed explanation and tutorial. New Trees When you receive trees for a new plantation, they should be uniform in

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