Can I Grow Truffles on My Land? – Q & A Webinar March 6, 2021

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Do you have the right environment?

Join industry leader and consultant Noel Fitzpatrick for an informative Q&A webinar.
This session is designed to address and answer the primary questions you have in relation to your property when contemplating entering the truffle growing industry.

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Can I Grow Truffles On My Land? – Q & A Webinar

Begin Your Truffle Growing Journey


  • Noel Fitzpatrick will detail key principles required for a successful outcome.
  • Learn the qualities that your property must have for truffle production.
  • Attendees are encouraged to ask questions.
  • Numbers are limited to 20 to ensure all questions are addressed.
  • Book early to secure your place.

About The Webinar

Discover the most important aspects of truffle growing, where ever you are on the globe. The general principles of truffle growing are universal. There will always be variables, depending on hemisphere, climate zone, soil type and elevation, however, there are common factors that apply to all situations.

Your Property

This webinar will provide the information required to make an informed decision about your property and its basic suitability to truffle production. If you are looking to purchase land for truffle production, the session will assist greatly in this process.