Learning how to grow truffles successfully

Welcome to TruffleGrowing.com, a newly developing learning and information sharing resource, for the truffle farming industry. This website will be essential reading for those who intend learning how to grow truffles. Established growers can also continue learning more and keep themselves up to date with current research.

Our philosophy

To bring together all current information on truffle farming, making it easy to understand and accessible to all. To connect people involved in the industry, expressly for the sharing of truffle farming experiences, in differing locations and environments. We believe that to continually advance the industry in a sustainable manner, the combination of education and information sharing is essential.

We currently provide growers seminars and have commenced regular blog posts on the site.

Over the coming months, we will also include;

  • Online truffle growing courses
  • Latest research updates
  • Podcasts with our international collaborators
  • Web forums and Q & A sessions
  • Interviews with industry leaders

Truffle growing courses

Experience in the industry as growers, consultants and trainers, leaves us in no doubt that those who educate themselves well, as part of their due diligence, will be more likely to develop a viable farming enterprise. Our aim is to provide up to date knowledge and teach the essential skills for successful truffle cultivation.

Our truffle growing course is currently being designed. The course will be delivered in a three part logical sequence. Participants can then work through the complete learning at their own pace. Established growers may select any course sector, relevant to their needs.

Before starting a project, it is recommended that aspiring growers take the time to learn and understand the complete requirements of farming this unique crop, including;

  • Ecology and life-cycle of truffles
  • Financial considerations for farm establishment
  • Projected returns on investment
  • Site selection, climate, geography and soils
  • Soil analysis and critical adjustments
  • Host tree selection and quality assurance
  • Step by step farm establishment
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Irrigation theory
  • Farm management techniques
  • Harvest, grading, storage and marketing truffles
Tuber melanosporum mycorrhizae, photo courtesy of Professor Alessandra Zambonelli


It is also recommended that growers regularly keep up to date with the latest industry research and technology.

“The relatively small investment a new grower will make in education can be the difference between success and failure.”




Research and the industry today

Science has now uncovered many of the ‘mysteries’ surrounding truffle growing. Research continues to reveal new insights into the life-cycle of truffles. New growers to the industry are the greatest beneficiaries of this updated knowledge, as many things weren’t clearly understood during earlier phase of truffle cultivation. A grower can now enter the industry with greater confidence, if they take the time to learn and follow the correct principles of truffle growing.

Professor Alessandra Zambonelli, University of Bologna, a leading industry researcher and one of our international collaborators.

 Global truffle community

We’re also very excited, to soon be introducing a community platform, for interaction and information sharing with truffle growers from around the globe. This will allow growers from different regions, states and countries to share their unique farming experiences and provide insights from their own learning. Interested growers may set up a basic profile, join a forum and converse with international counterparts on all things truffle. We believe that this initiative, will continually develop into a valuable resource in itself.

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